12 July 2010

Quesapita for lunch?

What's quick and easy, healthy and gone in 5 minutes or less? Yup, you guessed it.... Quesapita! I'm certain that I am not the only mom that makes this for their kids' lunch, but I still wanted to share it. That's what this blog world is about, right? Share the health.

I made this Quesapita with my Green Pan in about 2-3 minutes. Take one whole wheat pita (sans partially–or fully–hydrogenated anything) and cut it in half. Spritz both sides with olive oil (or use butter, whatever is your pleasure). Take one slice of meunster cheese (melts nicely) and cut diagonally into 2 triangles. The triangles fit perfectly into the 2 semicircles you just cut the pita into. Lay the pieces into your pan on medium-high heat and flip over after a minute or so. Cook until golden or until the cheese is melted, cut with a pizza wheel and serve!

Have the kids help you and they'll have fun with the shapes!