26 July 2010

Smokey eyes, here I come.

Well, I hope I can at least meet you halfway this morning. Then magically, you'll just be awesome on my eyes.

I do have those "lidless asian eyes," you know. Not much of a crease, barely any lid. Most of the time my eye shadow's main goal is to give the appearance of a deeper crease and larger lid. Why? Well, because that's what the modern world says looks good. I think. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having these eyes.

Maybe Smokey Eyes will help make me look more awake than I'm feeling?  

Did I mention that I have a sleepy eyelid?
When I wink in type I'm actually just representing my standard smile. Sheeeeesh, this may prove to be more difficult... more than I bargained for. Well, I didn't actually have to do any real bargaining, but I did GET a bargain.

Smokey Eyes set of 5 colors (mineral shadow & liner) plus bamboo eye brush: $12.  

my new EM stash
In addition to the brushes and EM collection I already have, I got a few more things like pressed powder and summer bronzer, threw in a couple of murumuru lip balms... then qualified for a FREE full size pink shimmer and black shimmer eye shadow. Sweeeet! Like I told you, Everyday Minerals is worth a try.

At least I can sleep well knowing I'm putting safe make-up on my face and eyes. That's worth much more than I paid. ;-)

Note: I'm an not getting paid to write this post. I just love the product!