Where do I shop?

One of the things I try to keep in mind is shopping with a decent list at each location because each place is special for different items, or different reasons. Shop closest to home for essentials and try to support your local economy for better roads, cheaper taxes, higher property values, etc. etc. etc.

When I can't support my local farms, I try to support business in the greater Nashville area instead of buying at the big package stores. However, that's not always possible so I do the best that I can!

My local Farmers Market (look up your local Farmers Market here) - fresh produce, honey, fresh baked goods, free range chicken & eggs, grass-fed beef & beefalo, homemade pasta, local coffee, plants & herbs
Great Harvest Bread Co. - the best Honey Whole Wheat bread, ever! Only 5 ingredients, no preservatives, and so hearty you can eat a slice without anything on it.
Whole Foods - tons of options. Produce, coffee, cooked food, toiletries, household items and clothing
Nolensville Feed Mill - local goods - milk from Hatcher Family Dairy, local eggs, Yoder Bros. beef, Amish deli & goods (not always organic or preservative free, but definitely fresh)
Tywater Fresh Produce (next door to the Feed Mill) - a fresh produce stand, indoors
Dunn Bros. Coffee - they roast their own beans, have art shows, live music, and GREAT owners!
Publix - Greenwise products are expanding! The organic produce section has grown an inch...but it has grown nonetheless.
Trader Joe's - need I say more?
SuperTarget - their Archer Farms products sometimes are good options. Read the labels if it is not clearly organic. "All natural" doesn't mean squat.

When I'm in Chattanooga: Greenlife Grocery!  I *LOVE* it there. Same goes for Earth Fare when we're in North and South Carolina.

Alice.com - FREE SHIPPING, people!! Prices are comparable to my local stores. Discovered them when I was pregnant.
Amazon.com - for all the obvious reasons...bulk pantry and diaper products, free shipping and 15% off with "subscribe & save" items, fast ordering, reliable sources.
LuckyVitamin.com - they have some of the natural products that I can't find anywhere else
Groupon - Daily deals that really do save you up to 65%. I've used about 5 different ones in the last 6 months so they are truly relevant.