28 August 2010

Another summer dinner...turkey BLTs with beets & brussels sprouts.

As the summer drags to its end we are seeing the last of the tomatoes in our Patio Garden Experiment. We've definitely been pulling more Roma and Cherry from the compost pile than from any of our potted plants! In the bowl to the left are the sautéed beets with brussels sprouts from our garden. The pretty yellow spaghetti squash in the corner was a volunteer pulled from our side flower bed. You can see the brussels sprout (and broccoli) in that same bed below. Scroll down for the sauté recipe.

Now for the main course... Turkey BLTs on homemade bread! We also had a light salad on the side:  spinach, arugula, tomatoes, snap peas and cucumber. So crisp and fresh!

Ingredients that I used for the sandwich:
slices from an artisan roll, made from the master boule
spicy brown mustard
turkey bacon
a good aged white cheddar or gouda
(any cheese with a bite goes well with the arugula)
juicy, ripe, fresh beefsteak tomatoes from someone's garden
red wine vinegar
olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

The crispy, chewy bread really held up to the juicy tomato and grease rendered from the bacon.  The cheese stood up as well since it was an aged cheese, balancing out the acidity of the tomato, vinegar and mustard. WOW, this was a great sandwich! My 3 year old daughter even thought so.

Beets & Brussels Sprout Sauté:
Mike washed and trimmed 2 cups brussels sprouts from the garden. I chopped and peeled 1 large beet that I had left in the refrigerator from our juicing veggies. After heating up my Green Pan, I added chopped red onion to some garlic infused olive oil. I had that going a bit (not too long) then added the beets and sprouts. I tossed in more crushed garlic, salt, pepper and a bit of onion powder... flipped it a few times over the course of five minutes, then covered and steamed the vegetables for another few minutes. The vegetables were cooked just to our liking, tender but not soggy (al dente). This dish was so aromatic, and beautiful to watch the fuschia pink get more brilliant with the heat.

Feel free to substitute ingredients and let me know how it goes!