16 August 2010

Pizza from the Master... Boule, that is.

As much as I love love love the master boule from my favorite bread book, I've discovered that I disagree with the authors on one small point. When using the boule for pizza, I've found that using the dough just after it's risen (and has started to fall a bit) is the best time. The dough doesn't spring back when you roll it out so you can achieve a really nice thin crust. I admit, it is much easier to handle the wet dough if you wait until after it's been chilled, but I'm just saying I like it BEST at room temp. The chilled dough also rises more in the oven, giving you an unpredictable dough:topping ratio.

the pizza work flow: one already in the oven,
one on the peel getting toppings, and one getting rolled out.
The pizza party photographed here occurred when my best buds visited last month. They heard (through another visitor in June) that they should request pizza when they got here...so, pizza they had! I think we made 8 or 9 total. There are oodles more pictures (one pizza with each of the girls) but they were taken with another camera. If I get any of those soon I'll post a follow-up!

asparagus & fontina (Trisha's idea... Great combo!)
One of my favorite toppings is Hormel's Natural Choice uncured hard salami. I can find it down the street at my local grocery store as well as in the SuperT. The flavor is great on the pizza and there are no nitrites or nitrates added. Hey, it feels less guilty that way. I think they have a pepperoni too.

salami with marinara sauce and mozzarella

I also love to make my own sauce with a simple tomato sauce base, italian seasonings, loads of garlic, and onion powder. When I have the chance I experiment with store-bought pasta sauces. Newman's Own Organic was our sauce of choice this weekend. Good basic start.

There is a puttanesca that I found works GREAT for pizza, made by LaFamiglia DelGrosso. Oooooh, this sauce is yu-um and even won some awards! It's just the right consistency, and has a nice brine to it (as Lindamy genius cook friend, pointed out). It plays well with veggies, salami and any type of good pizza cheese. (Image: Supermarketguru on ivillage)  Trader Joe's also makes a great puttanesca.