01 August 2010

Summer Pits

Dressed up a bit for a family visitation, I was sitting very still today as my husband put gas in the car.  I was trying not to move so that I wouldn't break more of a sweat than necessary and mess up my "dressed-up-ness." You see, it was SO hot that even having the windows down felt like a good oven preheat. We thought we might catch a breeze for the kids but it was blowing against the rear of the car instead of into the side, like a nice little breeze should. Thankfully the gas pump didn't take too long to fill'er up.

flickr: Chuck “Caveman” Coker
As we drove off, I somehow took a mental jaunt to hot summer days as a kid. Riding in the van up the Grapevine to visit the relatives on the farm, feeling that strong summer breeze that didn't let you feel the sweat because it was playing a blow dryer on high. I couldn't wait to get to the Central Valley to see the rows of trees. The agricultural landscape meant I was that much closer to spending my days in the pool, eating fresh fruit, being loved-on by my long distance family. Those days are most cherished in my mind and will forever be where I go for safety in my dreams.

Kelly at Make Grow Gather posted about her weekend summer-finding. I left a comment on her blog (below) and found that I wanted to write more about it since I had experienced, just hours earlier, that trip down memory lane myself. It really reminded me of the fruit stand stops on road trips, spitting fruit pits out the window, and driving with my family in the heat of the summer. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelly!

This totally reminded me of summers as a kid! My dad would drive us up to his sister's little farm in Central CA. We'd cruise in our van with the funny windows popped open, just enough to catch the warm breeze and pitch the pits. Many fruit remains and nut shells made it to the dirt banks of 99. I used to wonder if we would see fruit trees growing the next year by the side of the road. Ahhh, summer! -Nicelle