21 May 2011

Toasted Bliss!

toasted oat flax bread with coconut oil & sunflower seed butter
Part of yesterday morning's breakfast involved a new product that I just purchased. I don't even know where to begin... I'm a bit too excited about this toast!!

Ok, I'll start with this:

1) I received an offer on Daily Candy$10 for $20 of soap.com products. You can still get in on this if you've never ordered from them before!

2) I purchased a list of things I've been needing, plus a few things I want to try. One of those things is Coconut Oil (as a food additive or supplement).

3) I opened said coco goodness and spread it on my oat flax toast. I topped that with my new sunflower seed spread (I've developed an allergy to peanut butter so I'm trying substitutes) and took a bite.

4) I ran to grab my camera and took a picture of it to share with you all! I just couldn't believe how incredibly delicious it was!

I felt ridiculous, but at the same time there was an urgency. When something is THAT good, my friends that love coconut need to know. They just need to know.