16 May 2011

Patio Garden Experiment 2011 (May)

Pretty little pea flowers at sunset

One of the most spectacular things about living in the mid-south is the miraculous growth of all things green, once the weather warms up. While we were away in California, lightning, rain, wind and warmth all brought abundant life out of our potted wonders.

Check out the size of our pea plants! Sheesh, they were just creeping onto the first ring when we left. Now (as you can see from the pea flower shot above) they are towering above the top ring!

We've been eating peas this week and it is a wonderful thing to see our kids appreciate their greens. My daughter loves that she has participated in planting, watering and harvesting vegetables.

Here is one of our potato plants, which has already grown a few inches since this photo was taken at the beginning of the week. The cute little white flowers have also bloomed on top.

another potato plant, accompanied by hosta, strawberry and young japanese iris
The rest of the photos are some of the iris flowers that I look forward to every year. It is so nice to see our planted areas filling up with lush greenery!

Thanks to my mom, Auntie Melodie (and a few of Mike's former patients), we are enjoying a variety of colors and frills in our iris beds.