24 February 2011

Salad Inspiration

So here's my favorite salad of the week...

Summery Winter Salad, inspired by Mexican taco night!

I had leftover ingredients from last week's Mexican food night

(I finally made homemade tortillas! I didn't shoot any photos, but if you want a recipe to try I'll give it to you),

so I thought I would toss them into the salad last night. We've made this salad during the summer when scallions, cilantro and radishes are plentiful at the farmer's market, so having them out of season is a treat. I know, I know, I'm not eating locally for this particular meal. I don't like it either but there has to be a balance. The amount of off season goods available at the grocery store is ridiculous, but I do take advantage of it sometimes, seeing it as a luxury of our times that may not always be around. That's a story for another day...

Anyway, grab yourself a spinach and arugula mix like Organic Girl's washed greens. Shave off a few very thin wedges of purple cabbage. Slice up some scallion and radishes. Chop up some cilantro. Whisk together some red wine vinegar and olive oil... and you're in business! This salad is so savory (it actually tastes "meaty!"), crunchy, and has so many levels of flavor.

I know you'll thank me later when these ingredients are coming out of your ears during summer CSA season.

De nada.