03 March 2011

Magic Bear

Every time we visit my in-laws we make a stop at War Eagle Mill. This mill is great... it has a beautiful view of the river, a bridge to walk over the water, and a couple of times a year they hold a very large arts festival on the grass fields.

One of our "must have" items in the kitchen was purchased at the mill a few years ago and frankly, it's a "must share." The Brown Sugar Bear has changed my baking life! Have you ever had one of those days when the recipe calls for a packed 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and all you can get out of the bag is a huge rock of sugar, or large clumps that won't break evenly into the measuring cup? After I made the switch to organic brown cane sugar, it seemed impossible to break up the clump. Well, my friends... Bash, crash and stash this sugar no more. Get yourself one of these babies and you'll have smooth and silky brown sugar heaven!

By the way, you can also purchase the most amazing stone ground corn meal, mixes, organic flours (the rye is really smooth), and enameled cookware. Check out War Eagle Mill's online store.