02 April 2011

Enter a Contest??? Do that.

One of the bullet points from art school is

• Enter a contest, competition, or submit art for a juried exhibition

In fact, it was a requirement for senior classes. Artists and designers everywhere know that it is an important part of growing, sharing and improving your art. 

Issue 52
While all of that is very artsy worldish, I've never been one to get excited about a contest! Something must have been in my coffee the day I decided to submit a DIY project to ReadyMade. The knitting pattern I posted last November (Sophia's Baby Leg Warmers) seemed to be a perfect example of what Do that is all about. To be honest, I think I posted the pattern just to share my first experience of explaining a pattern step-by-step. I have been reading recipes, patterns and other people's instructions to make things, so it seemed like a fun thing to do, to put "pattern language" to use for my creation. 

So, lo and behold... I received an email yesterday that said Sophia's Baby Leg Warmers... "made it into the Honor Roll of our ReadyMade 100 contest. We gave you a shout out in our April/May issue and plan to include your project in a special print on demand issue that we’re putting the final touches on as we speak."

Shocked? Sure. There are a ton of amazing projects on there! Not to mention it's been well over a decade since I've been on any kind of Honor Roll. To be one of the 100 finalists (page 4, bottom row), let alone have a little graphic in the corner indicating the Honor Roll, was a complete surprise. 
Thanks for making my week, ReadyMade!