07 November 2010

Sophia's Leg Warmers: Knitting In the Round

Now that Fall is in full swing and we've got freezing temperatures at night, it inspires me to knit and crochet for loved ones. Here is a great little project that is easy for an intermediate knitter (or even just slightly past beginner).

one complete leg warmer & one in the round
(I haven't done any blocking yet)
These leg warmers are for Baby Sophia, who was born in July. She is a precious baby, growing quickly just as she should. However, Auntie "Do that" is taking forever to knit her baby leg warmers! I started them in early July but kept putting it away... Hopefully she will not be too big to wear these by the time I ship them off to her parents. 

knitting in the round with 4 DPN
I put Sophia's pattern together by mixing a simple tube with my own little flair (you can find other patterns on knitting pattern central). I chose some organic cotton yarn in a natural "malted milk" color. Knit Picks has a wonderful selection of cotton, wool, cashmere and everything else, in terrific colors. Their prices are pretty good and they shipped promptly. Give them a try if you're looking for a place to buy organic yarn.

Have fun with the pattern! You can substitute the needle size to whatever you have, as long as you have 2 sizes apart. If you're using worsted weight, cast on as many as you think will make a diameter of a wrist of a glove (with a single stitch rib).

Sophia's Leg Warmers
by Nicelle Priebe

Knit Picks 100% Organic Cotton (Sport Weight)
#2 double pointed needles (DPN)
#4 double pointed needles (DPN)
Cable needle

CO 60. Divide evenly onto three #2 DPN, mark beginning of round.
K1, P1 (standard single rib) for 8 rounds.
Switch to #4 DPN and knit stockinette (K all st) for 6 rounds.
*[K27, cable 3 in front, K3, transfer cable stitches back onto DPN then K to end. K 5 rounds] then repeat from * 5 times. K stockinette until the tube is desired length (around 8" is standard for babies). Switch to #2 DPN, K1 P1 rib for 8 rounds. Bind off.

Note: I actually knitted the end cuff with the #4 needles for a looser cuff. That way the ends can lay over shoes in a bit more relaxed cuff.  You can see this in the first photo above.