27 April 2011


I know that I've been talking about it SO much.
I can't help it! I love it and can use it in so many ways.

Today I had the opportunity to eat at a swanky little joint in Pacific Beach. My friend and I took our cues from my daughter to "eat lunch on the beach," and found ourselves at JRDN at Tower23. Apparently most of my friends have experienced this culinary gem on the PB strip, and now I can say that I have too.

So how is this post about arugula? I was reminded how much I LOVE arugula when I ordered the Hanger Steak Salad. Perfectly cooked steak on a chimichurri sauce, next to a bed of arugula with mushrooms, roasted peppers, hard boiled egg and fingerling potatoes.

Please don't hesitate to stop at Tower23's restaurant and bar if you're ever in Pacific Beach. Great service, ambiance, terrific food and steps from the sand. Yep, we sat outside. Then we took a blanket down to the beach and relaxed for a bit in the breeze, soaking up the sun, watching the waves. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Jannell!