15 October 2012

Spell, read, write, learn vocabulary, and discuss character.

Who knew inspiration could come from Hello Kitty?

My daughter's mealtime activity book has a page that tells the child to "Think of words that describe Hello Kitty and start with the letters that make up her name." Then, it asks to do the same for your own name. It became an amazing opportunity for her to practice spelling, writing, and learning new vocabulary. Not only that, but it really gave her a nice character boost at breakfast -- you can't go wrong having a positive discussion about who she is, what she sees in herself, and what I see in her.

As you can see, I let her spell on her own, as well as helped with other words when she asked for assistance.

I also began to see it as a good exercise for adults that need a reminder of the positive characteristics that have been developed in maturity. Why not be playful in thinking of good adjectives? I recall going to a women's event at church where they asked us to write a descriptive word above our own names on our name tag. It had to be an alliteration, so that made it extra tough. Try it sometime, and try to stay positive. It can be fun, exposing, difficult, liberating, and easy, ALL at the same time.

I know most of you don't have Hello Kitty activity books, but I think it's easy enough to take a blank piece of paper, write your child's name vertically, and be free to be generous with the adjectives. If you need some help with some words, or need inspiration, take a look at Galatians 5:22-23.