04 October 2012

Love it or leave it.

I've had many conversations in the past few months that have led to questions about products that I like to use at home. I've directed some folks to my "Products I Use" page, but I have decided to add things to an amazon store to give readers a better glimpse of the products and pricing. I don't have an exhaustive selection, but it's a start! Please don't hesitate to ask questions about any of the products and I can publish any type of review that you like.

The most recent addition is a supplement that I've had questions about recently. I've literally spoken to 4 people about it in the last week, so I thought it was time to post it here for future reference...

I was searching for a meal supplement that would help with some "in between meal needs." I discovered that I needed extra protein, a bit of sugar, and it would be nice to include some digestive help. Enter Amazing Grass Amazing Meal. Organic chocolate to boot!

Check out Page 2 of my aStore for a direct link to the product.