21 May 2012

Planting (Co-op Part 2)

One of the first things we did when we were in the planning phase was draw a garden plan. We did the initial sketch with a pen on graph paper, but being the graphic design nerd that I am, I had to come home and make a hard-line version, in color. The grey areas on the plan above indicate a footpath about a foot wide, and the long main path is about 2 feet wide. The guys were initially pretty accurate with the measurements so when they went ahead and put in stakes and twine as row guides, we had a grid just like the plan. The only change was switching the cucumbers and beans to allow for maximum sun exposure, and the door in the fence moved.

After we completed the first phase of work, we met at the local farmers co-op to choose our plants. Even though they had a great selection in their green house, we ended up adding a couple of varieties from another local nursery. We want oodles of tomatoes this year, with the hopes of having a canning party!

A lot of the work has fallen on the guys' shoulders while we've been dealing with illness, but that has worked out fine because of hefty labor that had to be done! They've done so much -- tilling, spreading compost, tilling again, moving many wheelbarrows of mulch, putting up the fence, laying in the soaker hose, planting, and moving more mulch. That pretty much sounds like everything, so I'd say they've done most of the work. They're amazing guys!

Planting community has been a lot of fun (on the days I've been able to go)! Unfortunately, my husband has had to go solo a few times, but we're over our virus invasion so it's back to work. We work, we chat. We work and talk, talk and work. The kids love to pick green caterpillars off of the cabbage plants, and when they're out playing in the yard we take turns keeping our eyes on them.

I'll have to get over there to take current photos in toddler phase, but for now enjoy the baby pictures.

Baby tomato plants from the local farmers co-op
Cody, our "land host"
Mike in his work gear. Handsome, in rubber boots and dickies!