23 September 2010

Still hot enough for gelato!

Banana Pudding over Black Chocolate
Yup, we are still hovering around 90ºF around here. Even though I am SO ready for Fall, I like the idea that the heat justifies a cold treat! Last week I visited a little shop in Cool Springs named Nucci's. I opted for two scoops of gelato in a waffle cone, but my sister (who apparently frequents this place enough to be recognized when we walked in) chose a Coppia, this delectable nugget you see pictured here below.

Coppia at Nucci's
Gelato... on top of Italian Ice... on top of more gelato.

My sister was in the middle of "mining" for the bottom layer of gelato when I snapped this shot. This is the method she uses in order to enjoy all 3 flavors together instead of waiting to finish the top layers to get to the bottom. Brilliant.

The Coppia was such a hit with my sis-in-law that she left the place grinning from ear to ear. Her words were, "I'm ruined. I will probably not find a place that compares to this where I live!"

Thank you, Nucci's for a great treat. My family had a wonderful time. Next time, it's a Coppia for me!