20 September 2010

Happy with my puffs!

One of the new signals that my 2nd child is using is a "grrrrowl." He is at the stage when creamy, mushy baby food is simply annoying, and a filler at best. When the blended vegetables and fruits start to get tiresome during a meal, he begins to growl and turn his face from the spoon. What does this signal mean, do you ask? Well, he wants something more difficult, more challenging to gnaw on. He has a lot of nerve, as he does NOT have teeth. Asking for something more "toothy" means Mom has to find something acceptable that he won't choke on.

HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs, Greens Puffs, 2.1-Ounce Containers (Pack of 6)So there's bread, rice, soy soaked kashi, potatoes, la la la... All great things, but nothing compares to the ultimate saving grace -- Happy Baby Organic Puffs! Seriously, folks. No joke. No endorsements. No pat on the back. I'm just happy to share my love of this wonderful baby snack that actually has vegetables in it! He can eat 'em up at every meal, in between mushy slushy bites of his regular baby food and remain happy. I've also dumped a few on his stroller tray to occupy him while I shop, and they are a great appetizer/distraction while we wait for our food in restaurants. I love these puffy things so much that I bought a carton of six on Amazon!

So far I've found them at Target, Whole Foods, and online. No puffery here, I swear.