27 March 2013

DailyTLC: Piece Be With You

Today is one of those days that has been packed with good analogies, experiences to mark as unique, and small insights. It has not been without pain (my hand is still stinging from a humungous fall crossing the street with my kids earlier today). Sometimes things happen that we don't really understand or see how they possibly could have taken place, but we take a step back and understand that our small lives are a piece of a giant picture.

My cousin has a blog post that fit perfectly into my afternoon. She's older, wiser, and most of all... pretty stinkin' funny. Today's post is a nice little reminder about the big picture.

DailyTLC: Piece Be With You: One of the dynamics of having only male children in the house is that they bring a lot of noise to everything they do.  If they’re playing...