30 July 2011

Drink those veggies.

Cleaned and ready to juice.

Here is a colander full of vegetables and fruit.
"How will you drink them," you ask?
Call it drinking, eating, cleansing, living... whatever you want. Any way that you cut it, it's good for you. Some people have asked what combination of fruits and vegetables we use when we juice, so here is the little "recipe" for today's batch.

Saturday Juice Lunch
Prep Time: 5 minutes
8 carrots
1 large cucumber
1 apple
5 asian pears
2 small beets
1 hunk of ginger

leftover pulp
I acquired the beets and asian pears at the local farmers market, the cucumber from Robin's lush garden, and the rest is organic produce from a store. You can omit or decrease the ginger if you're not into the taste, or the spicy edge it gives the drink. If you want sweeter tasting liquid, simply add more apples.

Play around with ingredients that you love... I've used spinach, broccoli, and other greens, but unfortunately our juicer doesn't extract much from those greens. I really do love this juicer -- it is actually my parents' machine that we're babysitting. You just have to make sure the item can fit through the opening and it will extract the juice and dump the stems, seeds and other dry pulp. The pulp is great for your compost pile too!

Voilà! Beautiful AND yummy.

This amount of vegetables and fruit gave us two full glasses, plus some leftover. I'm drinking it as I type this post, being sure that I swish the first few sips. This gets the digestive juices going and reduces the tummy shock. Some people experience nausea with such a concentrated amount of nutrients, and some get headaches (our bodies these days aren't used to raw food). I experience both sometimes so I try to drink it slowly, nursing it for a while. This fills me up and I don't need a huge portion of food for the rest of my meal.

The other common question I get after discussing healthy eating is, "do your kids like it?"

My son sure does! My daughter likes it on occasion, but since she had a bowl of fruit for her snack I didn't ask her to drink this batch of juice. She did like the last batch, which didn't have as much ginger. You never know until you try, so keep asking them to taste it. Use fancy straws or favorite cups to make it even more enticing!