15 January 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

They weren't kidding when they said it is a NEW year. Here's the breakdown, the lowdown, the showdown, if you will. Life changes are good, even when there's sad news!

* We've joined a Winter CSA that is pretty good so far. It's a meat CSA, so we receive approximately 10 pounds of pastured meats plus 2 dozen farm fresh eggs. I pick up our half share once a month so we don't overload ourselves with frozen meat. Rolling Hills Farms has a nice online cart too so I can purchase the CSA share plus additional eggs once in a while. I still maintain a relationship with our favorite grass-fed beef farmers, Dixon Family Meats. The flavor, pricing, and quality of the meat is fabulous, not to mention the wonderful Dixon Family themselves! They deliver to a local spot every 2-3 weeks.

* Our local small town recycling service has gone under! They blame the economy, a busted trailer and the inability to recover from the current losses. Boo. Not only do I feel badly for them, but I am sad that a great service has reached its end. It's back to sorting, loading and driving our recyclables to the big metal bins.

Lil' Cakes
* I ran out of prep time and had to buy cupcakes for my son's birthday last month. A new local business, Lil' Cakes, provided really GREAT cupcakes, and we will certainly visit them again for a treat. Wonderful customer service, quality ingredients, baked fresh daily, and quite possibly the best cupcakes I've purchased in a local eatery. Two thumbs up.

It has been a busy year so far, but I am really looking forward to more exciting times in this new decade. More reviews for products will be coming, as well as more recipes and tips for my crafty friends and family out there. Happy New Year!