11 October 2010

Travel Size

I've been on vacation for a week so things have been slow on the blog front. I thought about taking some photos and sharing some things but I traded that idea for a true vacation. I didn't check my email more than once, checked facebook maybe twice, and didn't bring a laptop with me (airport security is plenty of work with kids, without having to take out a computer).

One thing I can share from my trip is the great travel size toiletries that I found at Whole Foods last month. I wanted to test some products before buying so I gave Aubrey Organics a try. I liked it so much I've purchased the regular sized bottles! It worked out perfectly because they had a trial size gift set for sensitive skin, which I have typically found to be appropriate for my skin. I still had my mini bottles so I refilled them for my trip.

Giovanni Organic Styling Mist, L.A. Hold Hair Spritz, Packaing May Vary, 5.1 fl oz Bottle (Pack of 3)I also can add some hairspray to my "Products I Use" page. I found a nice little bottle of Giovanni Organic Styling Mist that didn't take up much space in my bag and worked great for styling in the humidity. Yes, San Diego felt like Hawaii when we landed!  

There were plenty of great highlights on this trip so I may share more this week. California weather is typically predictable, but this trip went from hot & humid to cold & rainy. Then after the rain, perfectly sunny in the 80s. What a great way to end the week!